Privacy Policy

DYM Medical Service Co., Ltd. realized that private information, defined as identifiable information of an individual, is extremely imporant for the privacy of our customers and patients. We will never reveal any such personal information, and no such information will be collected from customers and patients just by visiting DYM International Clinic.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

DYM will collect personal information of patients to the extend of required for diagnosis, nursing, caring and treatment. We will inform all patients and gain approval in case of using those information for purposes other than the above.

2. Handling of Personal Information

We will set the appropriate security control and educate all staffs in DYM Medical Service Co., Ltd..

3. Use and Provision of Personal Information

DYM Medical Service Co., Ltd. shall use personal information of patients and custovers only in the following cases, and shall never use in any unexpectable ways.

● When patient or customer approves (We shall not provide any information to a third party including a family of the patient without approval)

● When we modify part of the information, making it unidentifiable or specifiable.

4. Correction, Suspension, and Elimination of Personal Informatin

We shall correct, suupend, or eliminate upon request of the identical person (There might be cases unable to meed the demands in accordance to jurisdic laws).

5. Inquiry Reception

Should you have any questions or inquiry regarding perosnal information of patients, please contact the following number. TEL +66(0)2-107-1039

6. Improvement of Privacy Policy

We shall keep effort to improve and revise this privacy policy.