About PCR test at our hospital

DYM Clinic offers a PCR test for new coronaviruses!
Please be sure to check the notes on the reservation form. If there is any false information, we will not be able to provide you with an inspection or refund.

! Caution!
If you have a positive test, we will refer you to a general hospital. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of hospital beds in Thailand due to the decreasing number of available beds. If you feel that there is a high possibility that you have tested positive (if you are aware that you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, or if you have symptoms), we recommend that you have a PCR test at a general hospital.

Guidelines for handling PCR testing at DYM clinics

【DYM screening criteria】

If you fall into the following categories (1) or (2), we are not able to accept your PCR test appointment. Please make an appointment at a general hospital for PCR test.

(1)If you wish to have a second PCR retest after the first PCR test

※For the second retest, we recommend a nasal PCR test at a general hospital. At our hospital, only PCR test using saliva is available.

(2)If you get a positive reaction from the antigen test kit

※If there is a positive result with the antigen test kit, we recommend a PCR test of the nose at a general hospital. At our hospital, only PCR test using saliva is available.

【Those who have had close contact with a positive person】

Age limit: 60 years old or older cannot be tested.

Patients with seven high-risk diseases cannot be tested.

1. chronic respiratory disease
2. heart disease, cardiovascular disease
3. chronic renal failure
4. cerebrovascular disease
5. obesity
6. cancer
7. diabetes mellitus

【Definition of a close contact person】

Talking with a positive person within a space of 2 meters for more than 5 minutes
Exposure to sneezing or coughing of a positive person within a space of 2 meters, or touching the person’s hand
Living with the positive person, or being in a closed space such as a car for more than 30 minutes

 ※Even if both of you are wearing masks, it is still considered close contact.


If a close contact is asymptomatic or test negative, further contact is not counted as a close contact.

How to book a PCR test

Reservations can be made through LINE@.

STEP1:Register as a friend on LINE (@dymclinic)

STEP2:Press the [Outpatient Appointments] button on the menu bar.

STEP3:Press the [PCR Test Reservation] button.

STEP4:Please use the Google Form to make a reservation.

You will need to attach your passport photo and proof of payment at the time of booking.
※We cannot accept reservations by phone, etc. If you have trouble sending the form, please try the following methods.

  • Create a new Google account.
  • If you’ve been typing on your computer, try doing it from your phone.
  • Try opening it in a different browser.
  • I’ll try sending it again after some time.

How to use the test kit

For those who come to the hospital to undergo PCR
For those who receive PCR by delivery