DYM screening criteria

DYM screening criteria

【DYM screening criteria】

Those who fall under (1)-(5) below cannot make reservations for PCR tests at our clinic. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please have a PCR test at a general hospital.

(1)Who has any underlying medical condition (including allergy) or currently taking any medicine regularly.

(2)Who has any symptoms of runny nose, cough, sorethroat, difficult breathing, diarrhea, rash, red eye, fever, loss of taste or smell perception.
*for who request for only medicine without PCR test, we need to consult our doctor please contact us.

(3)If the patient has had close contact with a person who was infected by COVID-19.
If the patient was at a cluster outbreak location (as published)

(4)Over 60 years old
* Please note that even if all the check items are OK, we may refuse the PCR test at our hospital after asking about the situation and considering the safety of the patient.

(5)If you wish to have a second time PCR test after the first PCR test
* For the second re-examination, we recommend a PCR examination of the nose at a hospital. At our clinic, only PCR tests using saliva are available.

【Definition of close contact】

Living with a person who was infected by COVID-19, or rode in the car with that person.
Exposure to the cough or sneeze of a person who was infected by COVID-19, or had any contact with the hands of that person
Sitting in the same room with a person who was infected by COVID-19 for more than 5 minutes without a mask within arm’s reach (approx. 1 m).
 ※If one side of the person is not wearing a mask, it is treated as if the other side is not wearing a mask.


If a person who has been in close contact with another person is asymptomatic or has a negative test result, the person who has been in close contact with the other person is not counted as a close contact.
If both parties are wearing masks, it is not counted as close contact as well.