About Clinical Clean and Infection Control

To prevent internal infection between the patients and our asistant staff or between the pacients themselves, we implement the following measurs. Meanwhile, please check our prevention measures as well.


1.Wash hands using sterilized detergent or handsoap before and after putting on gloves.
2.Put on mask and disposable gloves while doing the cleaning and sterilization work, after using all will be discarded as medical waste.
3.Use sterilized gloves the same as those for surgical use.


1.Clean the floor with stertilized detergent ( an antibacterial compound containing 4.8% of chloroxylenol, useful for Hand, foot and mouth disease, helps to reduce bacteria, algae,fungi) twice everyday both morning and night.

2.We use the stertilized detergent mentioned above and other antibacterial spray which is against general virus and influenza virus to keep anywhere that could be possible to reach your skin (such as doctor’s dest, chair etc.) clean.

■Management of medical equitments■

1.We keep all kinds of medical instruments (such as needle holder used to grasp the suturing needle, instruments used to grasp other medical instruments, stitches scissors etc) clean by the following methods.

  use cleaner and water
  mix high concentration stertilized liquid (zeraru ultra 10ml) in 1 liter of water, then dip the instruments in the liquid for 20 minutes for sterilization.
  mark the dates, sterilize the instruments that were not used once per week.

2.besides, for instruments such as mirrors used in mouth, cops, tongue depressors, follow the same method mentioned in 1.

3.For the plastic medical devices that are not suitable to boil, we will dip in the stertilized liquid for 60 minutes and then keep them in a stertilized clean case.

we will continue to ensure the hygiene management of the clinic so that everyone can use it with peace of mind.