December 28th -Opened DYM International Clinic, which is the first clinic is Asoke, Bangkok.

January 13th -Brief shutdown due to protest.
March 10th -Reopened

June 1st -Moved in front of soi 31, Nihon-Mura.

February 1st -Pediatric clinical practice begins in addition to internal medical examination by a general physician.
November 1 -DYM International Clinic 33/1 hospital, Second Clinic opened in front of Fuji Super store #1 along Sukhumvit Soi 33/1. In addition, changed DYM International Clinic to DYM International Clinic Thong Loin.

April 1st -DYM International Clinic 39 hospital, the third base in Bangkok, was opened on the 3rd floor of Citi Resort Sukhumvit 39, where Fuji Super 2 store along Sukhumvit Soi 39 is located.

January 4th -Acquired central green Japanese clinic, changed title to DYM International Clinic Ton Loin.