Pneumococcal pneumonia
what is the Pneumococcal pneumonia

The pneumococcus for adults may develop into pneumonia.On the other hand, there is a possibillity that infants will develop diseases like pneumonia.They sometimes cause a disease called bacterial meningit, that the bacteria enter their brain.In addition, the pneumococcus bacteria is very hard to defend by leukocyte (white blood cells)

Main Cause of Infection

It is said that 40 to 60% of healthy people have highly parasitic bacteria in the upper respiratory tract because of pneumococcus.The pneumococcus enter into system from their nose and mouth and attach to the mucous membrane.The attached mucous membrane may start to colonize in the human membrane mucosa and result in the increase of bacteria.


Symptoms of fever, shivering ,sensitive to cold,coughing and phlegm,shortness of breath,heavy fast breath, chest pain, and hypoxia.These are common symptoms of the disease

Prevention of pneumococcus

Peneumococcal infection can be prevented by taking a pneumococcal vaccine as an infant