What is mumps

Mumps is the vaccine that prevents diseases from infection resulting from mumps virus.The symptoms may be considered mild but vaccination is recommended.

Mai n source of infection

The infection is caused by bodily fluids infection and contact infection, it is infected by coughing or sneezing of a person infected with a mumps cold, can also be contracted using a common towel with an infected person.


After a couple of weeks of incubation, both parotid glands will be released. Although a physical lump may not form, it is still something that is noticable by sight.After some time, the other gland will also show symptoms of swelling. Fever is also a symptom that may occur. In addition to mumps, the parotid gland may swell as well. It also helps diagnosis whether or not mumps have been infecting the community.

prevention for mumps

Mumps can be prevented by vaccination both scheduled and random. Even though the symptoms may be mild, vaccinations are recommended because it may cause serious complications in the future.