What is MMR?

MMR is a combined vaccine that protects against three illnesses- measles, mumps and rubella.

The above three vaccines are used in Thailand. There is no problem recieving these three at the same timing.There are cases in Japan that seperates MR and mumps. However Thailand does not have MR. Children who have already recieved MR in Japan has to take MMR instead.

Explanation for each disease is explained below.

What is measles

It is an acute febrile virus infection caused by the measles virus. It is a seriously infectious disease that may cause death. In the World Health Organization (WHO) West Pacific Region including Japan, we decided to eliminate measles by 2012.


There are airborne, droplet and contact infection. One year old is the most common age to get infected. The second is 6 months to 11months old, and the third is 2 years old. Recently, increase in adults


After a latency period of 10 to 12 days, it develops with fever. The symptoms of fever are cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis (symptomatic) symptoms are strong, and a fever over 38 ℃ continues for several days. During the course of the disease, the infection is the most powerful period. After that, although it shows a fever tendency once, a rash appears immediately around the rear of the ear and a fever over 39 ° C lasts for several days.
 White muco rash (Copric plaque) appears in the oral mucosa (near the side of the molar) 1 or 2 days before and after the appearance of the rash. This mucosal eruption is characteristic of measles, it is almost always confirmed that it is clinically diagnosed with measles. The rash then spreads to the face, trunk, limbs and makes a whole-body rash, and after a few days, it will begin to recover leaving pigmentation.


It is most important to vaccinate to prevent infection. It is advisable to vaccinate at youngest age possible.

What is rubella

It is an acute viral disease with three major signs which includes rash, lymphadenopathy and fever. If a pregant women is infected, the fetus may become infected as well which may lead to child malformation which is called congenital rubella syndrome.

Major Sources of Infection

Rubella virus is caused by droplet infection, and the age in most danger is 5 to 15 years old, but infection proximity may carry over to adulthood


The initial symptom is rash, and its properties are many of peach-mushrooms with small mottled papules, and it seems that there is little fusion. It first appears on the face and spreads quickly to the whole body. It will not leave skin or leave pigmentation, it disappears in 3 to 5 days. Heat will not get too high, it will appear with a rash and will heat up in 2 to 3 days.
 The initial symptom is rash, and its properties look similar to peach-mushrooms with small mottled papules. It first appears on the face and spreads quickly to the whole body. It will not leave skin marks or leave pigmentation and often disappears in 3 to 5 days.Initailly the rash will not be so visibile but the rash will continue to spread in the next 2 to3 days.


There is no medicine effective against rubella virus. It becomes symptomatic treatment which medication is provided to relieve certain symptoms. For prevention, inoculate once after the year of age and periodically vaccinate from that point further.

What is Mumps

Although symptoms of mumps virus may often be mild, it may cause further complications for other diseases and infections for the body.

Major Sources of Infection

Mumps virus is often caused by droplet infection and contact infection. It is often infected by coughing or sneezing or if the person uses the same towel as an infected person.


After a couple of weeks of incubation, either or both parotid glands will be released. Although a definitive bump may not arise, it can be noticed visually.After a certain period, the infected area may experience swelling, Fever may also be another symptom that arrises. With mumps, the parotid gland may swell as well. It also helps diagnosis if the close community is having a social infection of mumps.


Prevention of mumps virus is through vaccination and inoculation. Although mumps symptoms may be mild, it is important to vaccinate because mumps may be the source of further disease and infections.