Translation Service

Our hospital provides a translation service for application forms for patients who use the overseas medical care expense system of Japanese society (national health) insurance.
(* It is a service for patients who were admitted to other hospitals but was created free for patients who were visited in our hospital)

・It is necessary to have all the basic items of the application form filled in at the medical institution visited. (Since the doctor’s signature column is also on the application form, it is not possible to add a signature at our hospital)
・The work that can be completed behalf of our hospital are “translation” and the allocation medical expenses according to your receipt.

30 receipts or less…. standard cost of 3000 baht
30 receipts or more ….. 100 baht per receipt

■What are overseas medical expenses

You can receive some medical fee refund by application when traveling overseas and receive medical treatment at a local medical institution due to illness or injury during assignment,

■People who are applicable for payment

Payment is limited to treatment that can receive health insurance when receiving medical treatment in Japan and will not be covered when traveling abroad from for treatment purposes.