Screening examination for Venereal disease (STD Test)

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections which passed from one person to another through sexual contact.

Medically, infections are only called diseases when they cause symptoms, but the infections from STDs often do not cause any symptoms. This is why STDs are also called “Sexual Transmitted Infections.” Or mostly well known as “Sexual Transmitted Diseases” or “STDs.”

The main problems that causes STD are unspecified sex partner, and diversification of sexual activity. It is hard to notified whether ourselves or others is infected because there will be no signs of symptoms, even they are infected.

Therefore, if you’ve done anything that put you at risk of infection, come to check with us!
We are here to help you. Our clinic provides the following services which are blood test plan and urine test plan. Getting tested allows you to get any treatments you may need!

  • Total Package plan: Blood + Urine Tests


    ・Blood Test Package

    ・Urine Test Package

    Package Price : 7850 Baht

  • STD Category

    HIV antibody & antigen test


    HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is the virus that can lead to AIDS if not treated. No effective cure currently exists, but the proper medical care, HIV can be controlled. Our clinic is providing the HIV test service, which is an examination to check whether you have that virus or not.

    Even you are infected with HIV, the result of blood test will not be positive yet. No test can detect the virus immediately after infection. What will happen in your body is, the virus or Antigen will increase, and antibody will be created to fight against antigen. Antibody will be generated within 3 to 4-weeks, and Antigen will be created within 1week from suspicious activity. However, it depends on individual immune system, the most reliable result of HIV Antibody test is to get tested 3 months after suspicious activity.

    Therefore, how soon a test can detect infection depends upon difference factors, including type of test being used. The only way to know for sure whether you have HIV is to get tested. You can come to consult with our doctor about the HIV test at DYM International Clinic.


    People who get AIDS infected have no sign of symptoms at first. Some people may experience a flu-like illness, the symptoms of flu such as high fever or lymph node swelling may appear within 4 to 6-weeks.

    The symptoms might not emerge in 3-10 years, but inside a virus is increasing day by day. It will attack the body’s immune system, and cannot fight against infections and diseases. In the worst case, HIV can lead to AIDS if not treated.

    【In case I get infected.】

    If you get infected, you can take medicine to treat HIV to stay healthy for many years and greatly reduce the chance of transmitting HIV to your sex partner.

    Even if there are no effective cure for HIV currently, but with the proper treatment, HIV can be controlled. you can live nearly as long as someone who does not have HIV. Thus, if you have done anything that put you at risk infection, we suggest you to get tested.

    【About feedback of HIV test】

    According to Thai medical regulation, it is necessary for the physician it directly inform the results of examination in both negative and positive for HIV testing. We cannot inform the result by phone or mail. We hope you understand.

  • Syphilis


    Checking from blood test. The result will be released one-day after you’ve taken the test.


    The symptoms may occur within 3-weeks after you have got infection. The symptoms of this infection will be as following: skin rashes or sores in reddish brown will appear on your body, the lump at the bottom of your feet, the lump on your sex organ.

    【How do I know if I have Syphilis】

    Even there are no symptoms appear, but if you’ve done something that put you in the risk infection, you can take examine one-month after you have sex with someone infected.

    【In case I get infected】

    Symptoms in adults are divided into stages. Primary Stage, you may notice sores on your body, the sores lasts 2 to 4 weeks, then goes away. Secondary Stage might occur rash in bigger areas of your body. The symptoms from this stage will go away as well if you do not receive treatment. Thus, you should go see doctor to get the treatment, so your infection does not move to the serious stage.

  • Gonorrhea


    Urine will be used to test for gonorrhea.


    – Pain during urinating
    – Discomfort in the urethra, Genital itching
    – The yellowish white pus is coming from genital
    – The increasing of leucorrhea, and having strange smell

    【How do I know if I have Gonorrhea】

    The symptoms might appear 2-7 days due to the date you have sex with an infected partner.

    *Note: For women, you cannot take an examination if you are on your period.

    【In case I get infected】

    In men, gonorrhea can cause a painful condition in the tubes of testicles.

    In women, the spread of bacteria will spread into uterus and fallopian tubes, which causes damage to your reproductive system, and lead to inability to get pregnant.

  • Chlamydia


    Men: examine from urinalysis test.
    Women: examine from blood test.


    – Pain during urinating
    – Discomfort in the urethra
    – A discharge from genital
    – Genital itching
    – The increasing of leucorrhea, and having strange smell

    【How do I know if I have Chlamydia】

    Most people who have Chlamydia have no symptoms, the symptoms may not appear until several weeks (1-week till 3-weeks) after you have sex with an infected partner. Even Chlamydia causes no symptoms, but we suggest you to take the test.

    【In case I get infected】

    We do suggest both you and your partner to take examination if you notice any of these symptoms. Chlamydia is a common infection of STD, you can get chlamydia by having oral sex with someone who has chlamydia. Mostly, 30% to 50% of chlamydia’ symptoms cannot be seen by our own eyes. Thus, it is important for both of you and your partner to take examination and treatment because if you have healed this infection once, but your partner is not cured it yet, you may be infected again as “ping-pong infection.”

    In case if you don’t get treated.
    In men, the bacteria will spread to the tube of testicles that carries sperm. In the worst case, Chlamydia can prevent a man from being able to have children.

    In women, the spread of bacteria will spread into uterus and fallopian tubes, which can cause the damage to your reproductive system, and lead to inability to get pregnant.