About eating and drinking

Please refrain from drinking the day before.

Please do not eat or drink 12 hours before the health check up, in order to examine accurate fasting blood sugar level.

Urinalysis and stool examination

Urinalysis will be collected at our hospital on the day of medical examination.

For stool examination, we will send a stool collection kit to your home in which we ask for you to collect a stool sample day of or day before of examination.

About medication

Medication may affect the results of the examination, please inform the doctor of any medication intake at the time of medical examination.

Information for Female Patients

We do not recommend health checkup during pregnancy. If you have any symptoms please visit the Obstetrics and Gynecology department. Also, please do not ask the staff to have an X – ray examination if you have there is a possibility of pregnancy.

We cannot accept urinalysis during menstruation period. We recommend that you reserve an appointment 7 days from the end of mensturation period.