Does stress cause stomach aches in Thailand? A summary of the four factors and various symptoms of stomach ulcers

Here, I would like to explain about gastric ulcers, so please refer to it.



  1. What kind of disease is a stomach ulcer?
  2. 4 Factors in Gastric Ulcer
    2-2)Helicobacter pylori
    2-3)Foods that irritate the stomach
    2-4)Taking painkillers and fever reducers
  3. Symptoms of stomach ulcers vary.
  4. Finally


1.What kind of disease is a stomach ulcer?

Oh, my stomach is churning.

"People in modern society are under constant stress. Even today, here and there, there are office workers holding their chests in pain because their stomachs hurt." The phrase "a hole in the stomach" is often used in dramas and novels to describe the current situation under excessive stress and the overworked and battered body. Gastric ulcer is a disease in which gastric juice dissolves the inner wall of the stomach for some reason. The characteristics of people with worsening symptoms of gastric ulcer include nervousness, meticulousness, stress accumulation, good temperament, and a personality that takes care of worries and responsibilities alone.


2.4 Factors in Gastric Ulcer

There are four major factors that contribute to gastric ulcers.


The first one is still stress. Stress is a state of not being able to do what you want to do (desire) well. Overwork is also a form of stress, as is not being able to work when you want to rest, not being able to sleep when you want to, and not being able to feel safe when you want to.


2-2)Helicobacter pylori

The second is H. pylori. According to one source, more than 70% of stomach ulcers are caused by H. pylori. The way H. pylori enters the body is unknown, but since it resides in the stomach, it is thought that it may have entered the body through the mouth with food and drinks, and the infection rate is high in areas with poor hygiene. Studies have shown that it can cause gastritis, gastric ulcers, and even gastric cancer by residing in the stomach.


2-3)Foods that irritate the stomach

The third reason is that the stomach is often subjected to strong stimuli. For example, have you ever experienced heartburn or a loose stomach the day after eating a lot of spicy food such as Thai or Korean food?

This is because the ingredients of chili peppers in the food stimulate the stomach and intestines, causing the gastrointestinal tract to work too hard.


2-4) Taking painkillers and fever reducers

The fourth is a surprising cause. Taking painkillers or fever reducers can cause stomach ulcers to form. It is surprising that medicines that are supposed to heal your body can damage your body, isn't it?

However, even medicine can be poisonous if used in the wrong way.

For example, if you take an antipyretic analgesic in the wrong way, it can cause gastric ulcers. In this case, a medicine that suppresses the secretion of gastric juice is used. In the case of this drug, use a medicine that suppresses the secretion of gastric juice, or eat something before taking the medicine to dilute the concentration of gastric juice. In other words, the effect of antipyretic analgesics on the stomach wall can be reduced. On the other hand, if you take them in succession, take more than the prescribed amount at a time, or mix several kinds in order to get the best effect, you are more likely to get a stomach ulcer. Take your medicine correctly.


3.Symptoms of stomach ulcers vary.

Typical symptoms of gastric ulcers include pain in the stomach (midsection) on an empty stomach. Heartburn and frequent burping. Black stools and anemia. Black stools and anemia are symptoms of gastric ulcers that have progressed to a very advanced stage, but some people do not feel any pain at all even when these symptoms are present. In other words, even if the stomach ulcer is progressing moment by moment, the patient may not be concerned about it at all. If you are experiencing such symptoms, I recommend that you visit a hospital for an examination.


4. Finally

Can stress cause stomach ulcers in Thailand? What kind of disease? Here is a summary of the factors and various symptoms of stomach ulcers. Stomach problems are one of the most common cases abroad where food does not agree with you. If you experience any symptoms, including Bangkok DYM, please go to the hospital for an examination.


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