Corporate Package List

DYM Clinic offers medical services for corporations.

【List of Services】

●Creation of corporate health checkup package
※We can create a package for your company that includes the same medical checkup items that you used to receive in Japan, and you can receive the checkup without cash.

●Influenza vaccine, medical examination for obtaining work permit
※We offer volume discounts on flu vaccines and work permit health examinations based on the number of patients seen.

●Health management agency services
※We can manage the vaccination schedule for your expatriate employees, reducing the man-hours required by your general affairs staff. In addition, your employees can receive vaccinations at a price that is 30-40% lower than other medical institutions.

●Traveling health checkups, influenza vaccinations, PCR testing services
※We can dispatch a doctor to your factory or office to perform health checkups, flu vaccines, and PCR tests at low cost.

If you would like a detailed explanation of the above services or would like a quotation, please use the email address below.

【Email address】