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With the increase in work at home and the change in lifestyle, there is a yellow light on eyestrain. As a countermeasure, self-health management that includes a good night's sleep, eye drops, attention to prolonged viewing of the issuing monitor, and moderate stretching is attracting attention.


1.What is eyestrain?

 In recent years, the spread of smartphones and computers has enriched our lives, and there are probably many people who work at a desk all day or check their phones until they fall asleep. Some people may feel fatigue in their eyes, stiffness in their shoulders, or have trouble sleeping at night. If you continue to overuse your eyes, you may experience these symptoms. Many people may dismiss it as mere eye fatigue.

 However, if this condition is left untreated, the symptoms may worsen and cause some sort of physical or mental illness. This is known as eye strain.


2.Could it be eye strain?

 One of the factors that are said to cause eye strain is dry eyes. Many people may be familiar with dry eyes. It is said that when you blink less often, the moisture in your eyes decreases, causing your eyes to stumble and feel pain. In fact, it seems to be related to our daily lifestyle, and if we don't get enough sleep or spend a lot of time on the computer, we are more likely to experience dry eye symptoms due to stress.

 Another possible cause is the one I mentioned earlier, which is caused by looking at luminous objects for a long time. The muscles in the eyes tend to harden, causing fatigue and vision loss. It is said that many people who visit ophthalmologists complaining of eye fatigue are in this type of case.

 In addition to that, there are cases where it is caused by aging. This is the so-called presbyopia. It is said that presbyopia is a condition that makes it difficult to see objects that are close to you. As a result, the muscles of the eyes are intensively used in an effort to see, leading to fatigue.


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3.Take whatever measures you can!

 It is important to take all possible measures to prevent stress on the eyes. For example, if you are working on a computer for a long time, you should take frequent breaks. The first step is to rest your eyes. It is also a good idea to exercise your eyes by moving them from side to side on a regular basis. This is said to help relax the muscles in your eyes. In addition to your eyes, you should also review your posture while working. If you work at a desk, it is very likely that you are sitting for a long time. This can cause your entire body to become stiff and blood circulation to become poor. It may be a good idea to stretch or lightly stretch your body. Try to work with proper posture.

 In addition, if you use your smartphone at night before going to bed, pay attention to the brightness. Also, refrain from watching TV in the dark. Eye drops may also be effective. Eye fatigue can gradually spread to the neck and shoulders. There is also a risk of it spreading to the whole body, so don't take eye fatigue lightly as a common problem.


4. summary

 It is precisely because we live in a modern society that we need to be careful about eye strain. We take for granted the fact that we live in an environment with computers, TVs, and other light emitting devices. We need to know that the computers and smart phones we use in our daily lives are actually putting a lot of strain on our eyes. It can cause stiff neck and shoulders, headaches and nausea. There is also a risk of various diseases caused by tiredness of the eyes. So, be aware of taking frequent breaks and resting your eyes. Try to get a good night's sleep. Think about the health of your eyes and start doing what you can to reduce your daily stress.


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