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Have you ever heard of economy class syndrome (ECONOMY SYNDROME)? Due to the most recent Corona, more and more people are working at their desks at home, and more people are suffering from economy syndrome. It's not just on airplanes and planes. Here is a summary of the measures, prevention and symptoms to avoid it.


1.What is Economy Syndrome?

Economy syndrome is what they call pulmonary thromboembolism. When the flow of blood is slowed down, there is a risk of blood clots forming. When this blood clot flows into the lungs, it blocks the arteries and causes abnormalities in the body. Specific symptoms include swelling of the legs, shortness of breath, and chest pain. In the worst case scenario, it can even lead to death.

What are the factors that can cause economy syndrome? Generally speaking, people may have the image that they are prone to developing it by spending long hours on airplanes during overseas trips. In fact, it is said that you are more likely to develop economy syndrome when you are sitting in such a small seat for a long time. However, it is not enough to pay attention only to airplanes.

In Japan, it was reported on the news that many people have suffered from economy syndrome due to earthquakes and other natural disasters. This was said to be the case for many people whose houses had collapsed or who for some reason could no longer live in them, and who had to sleep in their cars or live in shelters that were not spacious. It is thought that this was due to the lack of water, stretching out their limbs sufficiently, and staying in the same position without moving their bodies regularly, which caused blood circulation to slow down and blood clots to form.


2.Effects of the new coronavirus

Our world has changed drastically with the outbreak of the new coronavirus around the world. Most of us have been washing our hands, gargling, wearing masks, and spending as much time as possible at home instead of going out. Since the state of emergency was declared and there was a move to avoid going out unnecessarily, some of you may have experienced working from home for more than three months. In fact, this condition can cause economy syndrome. It is said that sitting for a long time reduces the flow of blood.

Of course, adults have to be careful, but the possibility of children getting it is not zero. There are a small number of people who spend a lot of time at home for online classes, so be careful.


3.What to keep in mind for prevention

Here are some of the things that are said to be effective in preventing economy syndrome. Just being aware of the small things you can do can help prevent it.

If you are going to be sitting for a long time, take regular breaks to move around and lightly massage your legs. If you can, you may also want to lie down and let your legs and arms dangle. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent your blood from sloshing around. It is best to avoid drinking alcohol and coffee, which are said to have diuretic effects, as they may cause water loss.


4. finally

Economy syndrome is a very scary condition that can lead to death, but it can be prevented by taking proper measures.

If you are on a plane for a long time or work at a desk, move your hands and feet regularly and massage them to prevent swelling of the feet. It is also important to keep hydrated to improve blood circulation. By paying attention to these tips, you may be able to improve your blood clotting condition.

Since the second group of the new coronavirus is said to be coming, we should not only prevent infection but also review how we spend our time at home and at work. It is very possible that people will continue to refrain from going out or spend more time at home, so those who work in an environment where they have to sit for a long time should be very careful.

Also, be aware that bedridden elderly people who stay in the same position all the time and people with lifestyle-related diseases such as smokers and diabetics are considered to be at particularly high risk of developing economy syndrome.


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infection route

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Preventive Measures

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