Managing Director:Profile of Yuki Mizutani

I’m Yuki Mizutani, the Representative Director of DYM co., ltd. and the Managing Director of DYM International Clinic. I graduated from Kyorin University and obtain a doctor’s certificate as well. For example, there are medications that are effective for Thai people but not for foreigners, because body shapes, lifestyles, climates, or metabolism differ from countries to countries. Therefore, we prescribe medications that are the best for each patient.

The reason I made this clinic in Thong Lo is because I felt that there are many medical problems in Thailand compared to in Japan. I have an Internet company in Thailand as well and had been to Bangkok several times before. What I felt in hospitals and clinics were that there were many problems in medical institutions, such as low level of consultation compared to that in Japan, not enough explanation, or the amount of medicine are not suitable for Japanese people.

In DYM International Clinic, we aim at the same level of service, treatment, consultation and explanation as that in Japan.

For example, there are medicines that are effective for Thai people but not for Japanese because body shapes, lifestyle, climate, or metabolism are between Japanese and Thai. Therefore, we prescribe medicine that we suitable for Japanese people. In the future, we are planningn to connect the doctor’s room and Japanese medical institution and enable collaborative consultation by Japanese and Thai doctors, in order to provide medical service at the same level as in Japan.

We are ready to provide you a Japanese level medical service even in Thailand.

Personal History






Born in Tokyo

Graduated from Musashi Hight School

Founded DYM Inc.

Graduated from Kyorin University Medical School (Acquired Doctor’s Certificate)

Renamed to DYM co., ltd.