Managing Director:Profile of Yuki Mizutani

I am Yuki Mizutani
I am a Japanese doctor who holds a Japanese doctor’s license. We are ranning a clinic in Shibuya, and we do medical consultations and health checks for about 100,000 Japanese people per-year
DYM International Clinic is the first medical institution, owned by a Japanese, opeded 3 years ago.
“I felt “”There are many problems in medical treatment in Thailand compared with Japan””
and it is a reason why I established a clinic in Bangkok.. I often visited Thailand because I was running an IT company.
When I used a clinic and hospitals in Thailand, I felt there are issues, such as “”the consultation is low quality, compared to Japan””, “”the patients’ condition is not well explained”” and “”the prescription of medicine is not for Japanese people””

“This clinic provides preventtion, examination, treatments, explanation at the Japanese level, as much as possible. For example, body type, eating habits, climate, enzymes that metabolize medicine differes between Japanese and Thai. It could be an effective treatment or amount of medicine for Thai people, but for Japanese people it could be too strong, too weak or ineffective. We prescribe medicine matches the Japanese patients as much as possible.
We are making an effort to hire a high-level doctors.Thai doctors have a wide range of levels. But we are proud that we are hiring and educating one of the top 1% of high-level doctors.
We are putting effort into hiring translators and paramedics, and education.
Moreover, we would like to be the “family doctor”like in Japan. There are many lawsuits against physicians in Thailand compared to Japan. Therefore, there are many Thai doctors who only see children if they are pediatrics, see pregnant women if they are gynecologist. However, because we would like to be the “family doctor”, we are doing our best to “examine the whole body even if it is outside of the doctors’ area of expertise.
” If there is any problem outside of our speciality, I will introduce the competent medical specialist.
In general, not like Japan, “hospital is lending a place to consult for doctors” in Thailand. Which means, the entire hospital looks like a group of individual business owners. For this reason, even if you go to a big hospital, there are situations where “patients are sent around between individual business owners who only consult their own specialty”. However in Japan, “family doctor”introduces appropriate medical institutions such as university hospitals, if there is an issue. The fee is set to be high, if patients go directly to a university hospital or a general hospital therefore, it is designed not to go directly as much as possible. Of course there are still patients who go to a big hospital, but in that case, general practitioner are sorting out. In contrast, there is almost no general practitioner in Thailand, so we would like to be responsible for that role. We would like to make sure that we do not send around, and we do not overlook serious diseases.
Also, our group medical institution is in Japan, America and Hong Kong, and each doctors are echanging information, so it is possible to conduct appropriate treatment for Japanese patients. We alter our way of thinking about vaccination and treatment. For example, there are diseases such as dengue which is peculiar to Asia. Thai people are likely to suffer it from a younger age, on the other hand, Japanese are unlikely to catch it when they are young. We are frequently discussing, thus we areconfident that we are providing the best medical treatment in Thailand. Because we can discuss and cooperate, even though Thai and Japnaese vaccine are different, (e.g. type, period and process) it is possible to inoculate with an optimal method.
Since January 2018, we started health examination center for Japanese, along soi Sukhumvit 49. Group medical institution in Japan, examines 150 patients per day and we are using the same operation system. Japanese patients could receive checkups without any worries in Bangkok.
“Our clinic is equipped with X-ray, ultrasonic echo, gastroscope, electrocardiogram examination instruments, etc. It is possible to carry out the health checkup, which is defined by Japanese law.”

“Since all of these tests are completed by one floor, you can receive diagnosis without burdening the movement or requiring more time than necessary for inspection.”

We prepare health checkup packages under the supervision of Japanese doctor, so people can recieve the same level of health checkup as in Japan, and it is cheaper compared to medical institutions with Japanese interpreter in Bangkok.
“Also, we will give you an easy-to-understand report written in Japanese.”

“We strive to provide health checkups for Japanese people who live in Thailand without any worries.”

I would be pleased if you could experience our medical treatment at the Japanese level, in Thailand.
“In addition, we are planning to establish clinics not only in Thailand but all over the world.”

We would like to contribute to society by “creating an environment where Japanese workers go overseas securely”, “creating environment where Japanese travelers can travel abroad safely” and “acquiring foreign money by exporting Japanese medical for Japan’s future.”
We will do our best, so that our service will be loved by everyone not only in Thailand but all over the world.

Personal History






Born in Tokyo

Graduated from Musashi Hight School

Founded DYM Inc.

Graduated from Kyorin University Medical School (Acquired Doctor’s Certificate)

Renamed to DYM co., ltd.