About COVID -19 (new coronavirus)

What is the incubation period?

The incubation period of the new coronavirus is thought to be as long as 14 days, with an average of 4 to 5 days before symptoms appear. Most people with symptoms of the new coronavirus will develop symptoms within 11.5 days of infection with SARS-CoV-2.


What are the symptoms?

People infected with the new coronavirus have reported a wide range of symptoms, from mild to severe illness.
Symptoms may appear 2 to 14 days after exposure to the virus.


People with these symptoms may be infected with the new coronavirus.


●Symptoms of fever and chills
●Symptoms of coughing
●Symptoms of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
●Symptoms of fatigue
●Symptoms of muscle and body pain
●Symptoms of headache
●Loss of sense of taste and smell
●Symptoms of sore throat
●Symptoms of nasal congestion or runny nose
●Symptoms of nausea or vomiting
●Symptoms of diarrhea


Symptoms may vary depending on the severity of the disease. For example, shortness of breath has been reported to be more common in people hospitalized for new coronavirus infections than in those with milder symptoms (patients who have not been hospitalized).
Atypical symptoms of novel coronaviruses occur more frequently, and older people and those with comorbidities are more likely to suffer fever and respiratory symptoms later in the course of their illness than younger people and those without comorbidities. Only 44% of the patients had a fever at the time of admission, but 89% of the patients eventually developed a fever during their hospital stay.
Fatigue, headache, and muscle aches (myalgia) are among the most commonly reported symptoms among those not hospitalized, while sore throat, nasal congestion, and runny nose (rhinorrhea) are also common and prominent symptoms. Most patients with new coronaviruses experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which may occur before fever and lower respiratory signs and symptoms appear. One study reported that symptoms of loss of the sense of smell (anosmia) and loss of taste (loss of taste) are common in one third of infected patients, especially among women and young and middle-aged patients.


How to prevent it?

Wear a mask             Take a distance of about 2 meters.          avoid close quarters


Number of infected persons

On April 8, 2021, 132,730,691 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 2,880,726 deaths globally, were reported to WHO; as of April 6, 2021, a total of 650,382,819 doses of vaccine had been administered.


In Thailand, on April 8, 2021, there were 30,310 confirmed cases of novel coronaviruses (6,006 cases in Bangkok), including 95 deaths.


The new cluster of novel coronavirus cases in this central area was found to be mainly in bars and pubs in the Ekkamai and Thonglor areas of Bangkok.


■On-site PCR test

DYM Clinic offers PCR testing of nasal swabs at factories and offices for companies that wish to conduct PCR testing on a company-wide basis. This type of service is available not only for Japanese, but also for large groups (20 or more people) such as Thai staff working in factories and offices. We have partnered with a major medical institution in Thailand and strive to provide the same level of service as a general hospital. Our Thai sales staff will be assigned to each company.


■PCR test at the hospital

DYM clinics (49 in Thonglor and 33/1 in Phrom Phong) offer PCR testing and issuance of test certificates. (If you are not able to come to the clinic after screening, you may be referred to the delivery PCR test.


▼Details of this service

・Date and time: 9:00-18:00 (including weekends and holidays)
・Location: Both branches available (Thonglor 49 and Phrom Phong 33/1)
・Take the body: saliva
・Fee: 5,000THB per person (subject to change depending on the number of applicants)
※Click here for frequently asked questions:https://dymclinic.com/pcr-qanda/


▼How to make an appointment for PCR test at the hospital

①Apply from [Outpatient Appointment] on the menu bar of LINE@(@dymclinic)
②Reservation confirmed
➂Come to the branch of your choice on the reserved day
④Take a specimen (saliva) by yourself at the place designated by our clinic.
⑤Submit the specimen to the receptionist
⑥Pay the test fee (cash or credit card accepted)*If you pay by credit card, there will be a 3% charge for the amount less than 10000B.
⑦We will inform you of the test result by e-mail on the next business day.
*If you need the original test certificate to enter Japan, please pick it up at the branch where you took the test


■Delivery-type PCR test

The DYM Clinic offers PCR testing for delivery services. You can receive the PCR test and test certificate without the need to go directly to the medical institution. The delivery area is limited to Bangkok city. This service is available for those who want to avoid the risk of coming to the clinic or those who have difficulty coming to the clinic during business hours.


▼Details of this service

・Take the body: saliva
・Place of implementation: Each office or home
・Fee: 5,500THB per person (subject to change depending on the number of applicants)
※Click here for frequently asked questions:https://dymclinic.com/pcr-qanda/


▼How to make an appointment for delivery-type PCR test

https://forms.gle/op7thEhmKbfPrp4h7Apply from
Transfer the inspection fee
※Slip of bank transfer information will be the required document.
※We are unable to provide refunds due to changes in circumstances after payment has been made.
Reservation confirmed
The test kit will be delivered to the address you specify on the test day.
Collect specimen (saliva) according to the enclosed test procedure.
After the collection is completed, contact our clinic (02-107-1039)
※The samples need to be sent to the laboratory within 6 hours of collection.
Our staff will collect the test kit.
On the next business day, we will notify you of the test results by e-mail.
※If you need the original inspection certificate to enter Japan, please pick it up at 49 Thonglor Hospital.



We will conduct a PCR test at our hospital, and if there is a positive test result, we will refer the patient to a general hospital. Currently, the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing in Thailand, and it is difficult to secure hospital beds. If you feel that there is a high possibility that you are positive for coronavirus (if you are aware that you have been in close contact with a positive person, or if you have symptoms), we recommend that you go to a general hospital for PCR testing of nasal swabs.