Check-Up for Corporations

We offer annual check-ups for both individual and corporations.

Annual check-up of the individual

Basic check-ups, indlucing phycial examination, consultation, blood test and urine tests, are available at our clinic for individuals.

【Basic Medical Examination】

Examination items Examination contents Examples of the disease found Standard Advance
Examination Consultation Confirmation of the underlying medical conditions
Physical Examination height、body weight、blood pressure Presence of absence of obesity
Visual acuity Visual acuity
CBC White blood cell count,Red blood count leukemia,anemia,Polycythemia
Platelet count abnormality
(Bleeding tendency)
Serum iron(Fe)
Iron-deficiency anemia
liver GOT,GPT Acute hepatitis,Chronic hepatitis
Alkaline phosphatase thesis
Alcoholic liver injury
Total bilirubin,
Direct bilirubin
total protein、
Nutritional status
Cirrhosis,Fatty liver
Lipid Total cholesterol、
LDL cholesterol
HDL cholesterol Hyperlipidemia
triglyceride / Neutral fat
Blood glucose level (*1) Blood sugar,Urinary sugar Diabetes
uric acid uric acid Hyperuricemia,gout
kidney Urea nitrogen,Creatine Kidney dysfunction
Urinary tract Urinalysis
(Uric protein,Occult blood,Urine pH,Urine specific gravity)
Nephrotic syndrome,
Urinary calculus
Fecal examination Test for blood in the stool Colon cancer,Colon polyp
total amount 3,000THB 3,900THB

*1…We may suggest you to do Hemoglobin A1c test as well depending on the doctor’s decision.

【Optional Examinations】

☆ Recommended

Examination items Examination contents Examples of the disease found Under 35 yr Over 35 yr
Diabetes screening HemoglobinA1c Diabetes
Tumor marker AFP /Liver cancer
marker etc.
Screening for primary liver cancer,
pneumonia, liver cirrhosis etc.
CEA/ Digestive system
tumor marker
Screening of colon cancer,
gastric cancer, thyroid cancer,
lung cancer etc.
PSA / Prostate cancer
prostate cancer

(Male only)
CA125 / Ovary tumor
Screening of ovary cancer,
uterus cancer

(Female only)
CA15-3 / Breast
cancer marker
Screening of breast cancer,
ovary cancer, lung cancer
and prostate cancer etc.
CA19-9 Screening of pancreatic cancer,
gallbladder cancer, bile duct cancer,
gastric cancer, colon cancer etc.
Immunological test Hepatitis B
antibody test
Presence of hepatitis B infection
Infection test Hepatitis C antibody
Presence of hepatitis C antibody
HIV screening test Presence of HIV infection
Hepatitis B antigen
Presence of hepatitis B infection
Syphilis test/ VDRL Presence or Absence of syphilis infection
Thyroid hormone abnormality Free Triiodothyronine(FT3) Thyroid hormone abnormality *1
Free Thyroxine(FT4) Thyroid hormone abnormality
Thyroid-stimulating hormone Thyroid hormone abnormality

*1…We might recommend you depending on the doctor’s decision.

*2…Should you require further special examinations, such as organic solvent, lead, or specified chemical substances, please consult us individually.

Annual Check-Up for Corporations

Annual health check-up is also available for corporations, especially for local staffs in Japanese corporations.

Using mobile x-ray cars and equipment, the following examinations are the examples of that we offer.

● Physical Examination

● Blood Test

● Urine Test

● Stool Test

● X-ray

● Ultrasound

● Cervix Cancer Test

How Long would It Take?

It depends on the number of patients and examinations. Most of our customers request to finish before lunch time as 12 hours of fasting is requited.

Price List

The following figure is the basic plans and examples of price. The examination items are adjustable and many more optional examinations are available as well.

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